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Dance Artist

Moving through the ripples of our ancestors

Lydia “Lady” Neff is a performing artist born and raised in the Philippines and now based in San Francisco Bay Area. She moved to California in 2010 and studied at Coastal Dance and Music Academy. Balancing her need to uplift her cultural expression, she continues to grow as an artist performing with several groups in the SF Bay Area including:


Dancing Earth by Rulan Tangen with pieces on

- Treaty Making

- 500 Years of Resistance

- Movement for Movement Building


Kularts (Alleluia Panis and Jay Loyola Dance Collaborations)

- Tagabanua

- Huni ng Tandikan

- Maseg

Alleluia Panis Dance Projects

- Incarcerated 6x9


Parangal Dance Company

- Folkj Faro Dance Festival (Portugal)

- Merrie Monarch (Hawaii)

- Ethnic Dance Festival (San Francisco)

San Francisco Kulintang Legacy

- Smithsonian Folklife Festival

The House of Gongs

- Kulintang Practictioner

- Teacher

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