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Crave Filipino

A website created and managed from start to finish built for eCommerce for client, Ramar Foods International. The goal of the site is to be able to offer Frozen Food products to the Filipino American community to fulfill their food cravings. The project included building the website and content creation and management. The digital project included planning of the project from start to finish, assigning key players of the team to execute and consistent communication with key stakeholders. This project is currently at its final testing phase and scheduled to launch first week of August 2018. 

Magnolia Ice Cream

Magnolia Ice Cream is an ice cream brand featuring tropical flavors from the islands of the Philippines. This project was a revision of the web infrastructure of the previous digital property of the brand which is directly linked to the parent company. The brand team wanted to have a separate identity and be able to showcase the flavors and the colors of the tropical fruits being offered. The theme, "the flavors you know" was canned by Lydia Neff who thought that these are familiar flavors to the American palate and it's something that people can enjoy in an ice cream. The project entailed a full on planning in the marketing and digital strategical realm where all execution and was carefully lead by a team of developers, marketing professional and was led by Lydia. The site has been active and have created many leads for the brand both on a B2C and C2C level. Results have passed the numbers from the previous years with a rate of 102% from its first 6 months of launch. 

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