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Magnolia Ice Cream

Magnolia Ice Cream​
Role: Concept Creator / Executive Producer & Director

Magnolia Ice Cream is a long known Ethnic brand built with tropical flavors from the Philippines. For the longest time, the brand has gained awareness and loyalty from Filipino consumers within the United States. As Filipino food emerges in the general palate, there was a need to revive the brand in a fresh perspective, reaching non-Filipino food explorers. Magnolia Ice Cream's campaign was positioned to be the #flavorsyouknow brought about by its flavors that are not really unfamiliar but an exciting take on ice cream. The campaign delivered wider distribution within Southern California as the brand started distributing to larger retailers including sprouts and Vons.

Bestaste Bao and Shumai

Bestaste Shumai & Bao
Role: Art Director

Bestaste has been a brand of Ramar Foods for over 10 years providing shumai and bao to the Filipino community. The bestaste strategy have evolved to servicing General Asian consumers and grocers and have decided to revise all of their collaterals through images and messaging that will have an Asian look and feel, more general than just targeting their Filipino core. 

Western Union

Western Union​
Role: Integrated Media Campaign Manager

Western Union has been a brand for over a century springing from telegraphs to retail money transfer. Emerging technologies have brought Western Union a little bit behind as the awareness of their online and mobile capabilities are not well associated with the brand. This campaign's goal is to drive awareness of the brand, making it modern and current and bringing more money movers to use their mobile app. The strategy was to associate the brand with favorite music artists connecting the brand with music fans. The media mix of the campaign was composed of heavy frequency on audio and studio sponsorship giving exposure to the brand while music artists promote their new album/single. Over several months, brand awareness and mobile downloads grew from 6% to 70% shifting market demographic to younger, active population. 


'Til the Break of Gong by Kulintronica 
Role: Album Art Designer / Photographer 

Kulintronica is an emerging artist who launched his very first album in 2015. It was a long process to find the right fit for his album art and has gone through 6 different graphic artist. By keeping the focus on the album name and bringing the indigenous instrument to the urban ears, I came up with different photography treatments of the gong and made the album cover as if it was the break of dawn. 

As the artist and producer was impressed with the album work, I ended up designed the flyers for the album release party, and running the social media campaign to drive followers and listeners to the music. 

My 805 Deals

My 805 Deals​
Role: Digital Media Campaign Manager / PM 

the goal is to drive shopping and economics to local businesses. My 805 Deals was designed to cater to local consumers who wants to support local business within the 805 county - San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County. It involves UI/UX Design and Content Management that will appeal to the local population of the area. The website has driven over a million visits within a short period of time and thousands of variety of merchants who wants to drive traffic to their businesses. 

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