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The #flavorsyouknow

In conjunction with the web project a video campaign was launched as part of the big marketing strategy for brand awareness. In line with the theme, "the flavors you know" several flavors of Magnolia Ice Cream were featured to be the same familiar fruit flavors that can be experienced in an ice cream. 

Where's my favorite?

Orientex lumpia is frozen lumpia brand that offers a variety of flavors that most Filipinos are serving in their dining tables or banquets. The video is part of the campaign that makes Orientex the #bestlumpiaever being everyone's favorite and what families, especially kids, are looking for during parties and gatherings. The video was under Lydia's art direction and project management with a team of videographers, stylists and production crew. 

Lumpia and Chill

Lumpia and Chill is also part of Orientex's big strategy. Apart from targeting families, they're looking for the brand to be part of the millennial lifestyle. #lumpiaandchill is part of the series from a couple's dating stage until they get married. It's a series of 4 videos that shows how lumpia has been part of their lives being Filipino-Americans. 

Yes Calamanisi!

Calamansi is calamondin which is a version of lime popularly used in Southeast Asian countries. Manila Gold brand makes calamansi accessible by their small packets making it convenient for chefs, cooks and families to enjoy its flavors. In this video, Chef Yana Gilbuena, a traveling Filipino Kamayan is featured with the different substitutions people make when they don't have the ingredients available to them. 

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